Request for help


til toppenJohannes Erritzoe will appreciate continuing to receive information about Pitta and Cuckoo observations. All sorts of information from those who have been fortunate enough to observe Pittas and Cuckoos in the field are of interest. In particular, information is required on the following, of any species: date and locality of any sight (with coordinates and altitudes if possible), status in the visited area, dates of nesting, or observations of recently fledged young, description of juvenile, descriptions of nest sites, eggs and nests, any information on diet, range extensions, vocalization and behaviour.

til toppenAny information or photographs will be gratefully acknowledged in the book. Read comments on Pittas here

til toppenPittas or cuckoos found dead and even observations on captive birds are of interest. Also papers published in little known periodicals or magazines would be welcomed.