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I just wanted to say how useful I found your site. I am just starting the preparation of material from a Little Owl (Athene noctua) using dermestids as part of my degree studies. I am hoping to mount the skeleton and a feather collection. Your site has really helped, especially in giving me some good references and pointers on sexing.
Rhiannon Harrison
- Mon Jul 5 11:36:58 2004
Great Site!
- Tue Jun 1 18:23:26 2004
Very good site,keep up the good work,thank you!
Bernhard Kartes <>
Heiligenwald, Saarland Deutschland - Sat May 8 17:55:59 2004
I found this site when searching for the info about nightjars. It was very enjoyable visit.
Mark <>
Houston, Texas US - Thu Mar 18 19:26:39 2004
nice site, keep up the good work
david jones <>
Riverside, ca usa - Fri Dec 26 18:34:17 2003
Hello from Nuernberg (Germany)! This is a nice Site. Greetings from Christian
christian <>
Nürnberg, Bavaria Germany - Sun Oct 19 07:02:25 2003
great site, well done
- Tue Aug 26 10:57:06 2003
Dearest greetings to you by Marijke
Marijke Wensen <>
Rockanje, Netherlands - Wed Jul 9 15:08:51 2003
yes i like your site
Thomas Zack <>
trezaklik, GH Estonia - Fri Jun 27 06:49:53 2003
I'm delighted that you were honored with an honorary D. Sc. degree for your outstanding ornithological research and contributions. You deserve this important recognition. Kind regards. Donald S. Heintzelman Allentown, PA USA
Donald S. Heintzelman < >
Allentown, Pennsylvania USA - Fri Jun 13 20:36:07 2003
Hello! Super work performed. Top PAGE, further so!
government grants

hej jeg er hel ville med det helle hilsen jack christensen
Jack Christensen <>
7100, vejle 11ċr - Tue May 13 10:29:24 2003
very nice site. keep on
Handylogos <>
goeppingen, bw germany - Mon Apr 28 03:01:20 2003
Great Site! I have passed your address on and will provide a link if you agree.
sam <>
- Tue Mar 25 23:08:13 2003
Very interesting site!
- Fri Mar 21 20:51:08 2003
I have just come across your excellent site whilst searching for research material on bird road deaths and was so impressed by your summary and bibliography that I had to write to say thank you! I shall make sure I keep an eye on your site in future.
Yours sincerely, Simon Bell

BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol, BS8 2LR, UK
Simon Bell
- Thu Feb 27 17:01:59 2003

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