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Two new papers about road-kills: Paevskiy, V.A., Shapoval, A.P. 1988. Vozrastno-polovye i sezonnye aspekty gibeli na shosse v populyatsii zyablika [Age-sexual and seasonal aspects of mortality on highway (motorway) in the Chaffinch population]. // Tez. dokladov XII Pribaltijskoi ornitologicheskoi konferentsii [Abstracts of the XIIth Baltic Ornithological conference]. Vilnius, Inst. Of Zoology and Parasithology of Ac. of Sc. Of the Lithuanian SSR. Pp.169-170. In Russ. Shklyarov, L.P., Balash, A.V. 1994. Gibel’ ptits na avtomobilnykh drogakh Belarusi [The bird loss on auto roads in Belarus]. // Problemy izucheniya, sokhraneniya i ispol’zovaniya biologicheskogo raznoobraziya zhivotnogo mira [Problems of study, conservation and use of biological diversity of wildlife]. Minsk, “Navuka i teknika” Press. Pp.317-319. In Russ.
Jevgeni Sherglin <>
- Thu Dec 25 12:11:37 2003
Nice article, good work. A pdf-file would make it easier to distribute your work, which is surely of general interest. Thanks Georg
Georg Nehls
- Tue Jul 8 15:00:46 2003

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