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Errata to Pittas of the World

by Johannes Erritzoe. 1998, Lutterworth Press, Cambridge

tilbage til Pittas of the World

The following errata have been compiled from the reviews of the book in Acta Ornithologica, Bird Conservation Int., Bull. African Bird Club, Bull. Oriental Bird Club, Corella, Dansk Orn. Foren. Tidskr., Egretta, Emu, Gefiederte Welt, Ibis, J. Orn. and my own findings.

I want to thank Frank Rozendaal in particular for his keen eye in spotting quite a few errors and omissions. Most of the errors are merely different interpretations of geographical names from the section “Localities found in museum collections”. Geographical names present special problems to all writers, since spelling changes with time and politics and varies between, and even within one language, and maybe the greatest problem arise from transcription errors from old labels.

However, the modern names are given here for all such examples. Compare the first section on page 10 under the heading “Localities found in museum collections”, where an explanation is given of the difficulties on this head.

til toppenp. 13, topography of a bird, delete “greather” wing-coverts, add: greater.

til toppenp. 14, 2nd column, after Pulchripitta, add:

Iridipitta Bonaparte

Underparts dark purplish blue
Pitta baudi

EUCICHLA Reichenow Ornatipitta

Elliot Crown black E. guaiana,
E. boschi, E. schwaneri


til toppenp. 21, 1st column, 3rd space, delete: Talaud Islands, 1,460 km2 add: Sangihe (Sangir) Islands, 12,000 km2; last space: delete: rubinucha, add: rubrinucha; 2nd column, line 7 below the boxes: delete: perfectly; and add: generally; 4 lines further down after mentioned. add: Exceptions are also loriae, macklotii, gazellae and habenichti, which all have larger bills even though they inhabit larger islands.

til toppenp. 23, 1st column, para. 6, line 6, delete: Monreau, add: Moreau.

til toppenp. 32, 1st column, heading Description, Juvenile, line 7, delete: hindbreast, add: lower breast; 2nd column, section Localities found in museum collections, line 3, delete Chautaboon, add: Chantaboon.

til toppenp. 33, 1st column, heading Moulting, delete: Chautoboon, add: Chantaboon, 2nd column, Heading Status and Conservation, line 6, delete Smithies, add: Smythies, line 10, delete: all authors, add: most authors.

til toppen p. 37, 1st column, Heading Localities found in museum collections, line 1, delete: Hoi Xuan, Lai Chau.

til toppen p. 38, 1st column, line 1, delete: Blaubürzel, add: Blaubürzelpitta.

til toppenp. 39, 1st column, heading Recent Records, line 8, replace: Ting with: Tingh; 2nd column, heading, last line: delete immatures, add: birds.

til toppen p. 40, 2nd column, line 3, replace: Phugui with: Phuqui.

til toppenp. 41, 1st column, heading Hybridisation, line 1, delete: bolowensis, add: bolovenensis.

til toppenp. 42, 2nd column, distribution map add: a locality from southern Vietnam (Dalat, (Da Lat) Langbian) not shown. The subspecies is here uncertain.

til toppenp. 43, 2nd column, heading Breeding Biology, line 2, delete: Tennasserim, add: Tenasserim.

til toppenp. 44, 1st column, Pitta oatesi oatesi, line 9, replace: Inthansa with: Inthanon.

til toppen p. 46, 2nd column, heading Localities found in museum collections, line 2. replace: Singgaland with: Singgalang, next line, replace: Kumlang with: Kumbang, next line, replace: Stolanh Drias with: Siolak Daras, last line, replace: Pedang with: Padang.

til toppenp. 49, 1st column, heading Subspecies, line 3, delete: carulea, add: caerulea; 2nd column, heading Distribution, delete: Malay, add: Malaya.

til toppenp. 52, 1st column, heading Status and Conservation, Borneo, last line, replace: Tawav with: Tawau, Sumatra; line 2, add after 29-30).: Refers to Pitta schneideri. Next line, delete: Schlater, add: Sclater, next two lines delete: Diard and Duvaucel; and line 3 from below, place Gunong Tahan under Malay Peninsula.

til toppen p. 56, 2nd column, Pitta cyanea aurantiaca, line 4, replace: Sabat with: Sabab, Pitta cyanea willoughbyi, line 4, replace: Xieng-Khanang with: Xieng Khouang, next line, replace: Dram with: Dran.

til toppen p. 59, 1st column, heading Distribution, line 1, add after Java: Bali; heading Recent records, Java, line 4, replace: Lumpat with: Lompat, Malaysia, line 1, replace: Lumpat with: Lompat.

til toppen p. 62, 1st column, Pitta guajana guajana, line 2, replace: Idjem with: Idjen, 2nd column, Pitta guajana schwaneri. line 3, replace: Banjermaking with: Banjarmasing (Bandjarmasin).

til toppenp. 63, 1st column, heading Java and Bali, line 4, delete: Borgor, add: Bogor.
p. 65, 1 column,, heading Breeding Biology, line 2,, delete Phugui, add: Phuqui, 2nd column, heading Captivity, delete: Delacout, add: Delacour.

til toppen p. 66, 1st column, heading Status and Conservation, line 6, replace: Anakor, with: Angkor, line 14, delete: Legendary, add: Legendre.

til toppen p. 71, 2 column, heading Recent Records, line 3 from below, replace: Sepilak with : Sepilok.

til toppen p. 79, 1st column, line 8, replace: Putth with: Putih, line 9, replace: Tka with: Ake.

til toppen p. 81, 1st column, line 4, add after Gould: 1871; 2nd column, line 6, replace: Langbloc with: Long Bloe; line 8, replace: Keneperi with: Kenepai.

til toppen p.82, 2nd column, heading Status and Conservation, line 3, replace: Lávas with: Lawas.

til toppen p. 84, 1st column, line 3, add after Taxonomy: Pitta granatina Temminck 1830; 2nd column, heading Allied Species, line 2, delete allopatric, add parapatric.

til toppenp. 85, 1st column, line 9, Gomantong Forest Reserve belongs under Borneo; line 16, replace: Tanan with: Taman, line 20, delete: Gunung Kaba, seen and heard recently (Rozendaal 1994).

til toppen p.86, 1st column, Pitta granatina coccinea, lines 2-3, replace: Soengai Tassih with: Sungei Tas(s)ik; line 13, replace: Yale with: Yala, line 16, replace: Gunong Taham with: Gunung Tahan.

til toppen p. 89, 2nd column, 6., replace: Kerinci Mt. with: Mt. Kerinci; delete: 9 Palembang and coordinates; after 10 add: 11. Barisan Selatan 040 40'S 104 0 08'E; 2 linies further down after Sumatra: delete 11.

til toppen p. 90, 1st column, heading General Notes, line 10, after Garnet Pitta add: except tail length; 2nd column, heading References, line 9, after Robinson & Kloss delete: (24c), add: 1924c).

til toppen p. 96, 1st column, line 1, delete: pomtrine, add: poitrine.

til toppen p. 97, 2nd column, heading Hybridisation, delete first sentence.
p. 103, 2nd column, heading Photographs of live birds, line 2, Dutch Birding 11, delete: 11, add: 13.

til toppenp. 104, 1st column, heading Recent Records, line 10, Himalaya Arunachal Pradesh = India; and 7 lines below, Gunung Mulu National Park = Borneo; 2nd column, line 11, replace: Tree with: Three.

til toppenp. 109, 1st column, line 11, replace: Buo Pad (Bovenlanden) with: Buo (Padangse Bovenlanden); next line, replace: Zubu with: Lubu.

til toppenp. 110, 2nd column, Pitta sordida sanghirana, line 3, replace: Tuhuna with: Tahuna, same line, replace: Sahendaryman, Manganita with: Sahendaruman, Manganitu.

til toppenp. 111, 1st column, Pitta sordida forsteni, line 6, replace: Rurakan with: Rurukan.

til toppen p. 112, 2nd column, line 4 from below, delete: sanghirane, add: sanghirana.

til toppen p. 118, 1st column, second last line, delete: Straham, add: Strahan.

til toppen p. 119, 2nd column, line 6 from bottom, replace: Torout with: Toraut and put Toraut Dumoga Bone on a new line.

til toppenp. 121, 1st column, heading Breeding Biology, delete: SULA MONGOLI, add: SULA MANGOLI.

til toppenp. 124, 1st column, line 5, delete: Sibela.

til toppen p. 126, 2nd column, Pitta erythrogaster celebensis, line 4, replace: Mapangel with: Mapanget; line 6, replace: Tondamo, Toöpo with: Tondano, Poöpo.

til toppenp. 129, 2nd column, Pitta erythrogaster inspeculata, lines 12-13, delete: (n = 17), add: out of a total of 17.

til toppenp. 130, 2nd column, line 13 from below, delete: Malay Peninsula: Common throughout the Peninsula, often in very large numbers on small islands during the winter (Robinson 1917). Next line, place Salebabu, Talaud Islands before Moluccas.

til toppenp. 137, 1st column, heading Movements, line 7, delete: Thailand and N. Vietnam, add: C. Vietnam.

til toppenp. 138, 2nd column, heading Breeding Biology, para. 5, line 3, replace: Kuanatung with: Kuangtung.

til toppenp. 139, 2nd column, heading Status and Conservation, line 6, replace: Shaweisham with: Shaweishan, line 7, replace: (Shautou) with: (Shantou); line 11, replace: Javschan with: Yao Shan = Yao Sham.

til toppenp. 142, 1st column, heading, Localities from museum collections, line 5, replace: Polu with: Pulo.

til toppenp. 143, 1st column, heading Behaviour, line 5, delete: often.

til toppen p. 144, 2nd column, heading Status and Conservation, Thailand, line 6, move sentence about Fraser’s Hill to the end of the paragraph on Malay Peninsula.

til toppenp. 145, 2nd column, line 4, replace: Saliveen with: Salveen; line 8, delete: S. Vietnam, add: Thailand..

til toppenp. 150, the map, number 26 moved a little to the west; 1st column, heading Recent Records, line 4, delete: BURO, add: BURU, 2nd column, heading Behaviour, line 5 from below, delete: calls mainly, add: often calls.

til toppenp. 151, 2nd column, heading General Notes, line 3, replace: Lumbok with: Lombok; heading Pitta elegans elegans, second last line, replace: Buro with: Buru; last line, replace: Tjanglong with: Tjamplong.

til toppenp. 159, heading References, line 1, delete: (1979), ad: (1984).

til toppenp. 166, 2nd column, line 10, delete: Zimmerman, add: Zimmermann.

til toppenp. 168, add: 30 Pitta iris Rainbow Pitta

til toppen p. 174, Taxon, delete entire definition and add: a species, subspecies, genus, family or any named unit.

til toppenp. 177, Damar, add: (off Halmahera), next line add: Damar (Lesser Sundas).

til toppenp. 185, Anon. 1992a, delete: 1992a, add: 1991.

til toppenp. 191, George, J. 1957, delete: in, add: of.

til toppenp. 192, Hayashi, M. 1982, delete: 13-14, add: 123-124.

til toppenp. 199, Rajathurai, S. 1996, add before Archipelago: Riau.

til toppenp.200, Round, P. D. 1984, delete: nord, add: north.

til toppenp. 203 Tonkin, N. E. & J. Delacour, delete: Tonkin, N. E. &

tilbage til Pittas of the World

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