Tilbud på udstopning af dyr

New articles from House of Birdresearch:

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Brain size and the risk of getting shot. Biol. Lett. 12: 2016

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Galván, I. A. Naudi, J. Erritzøe, A. P. Møller, G. Barja & R. Pamplona. 2015: Long lifespan have evolved with long and monounsaturated fatty acids in birds. Evolution 69-10: 2776-2784. (Article in PDF)

Møller, A. P. & J. Erritzøe. 2015:
Brain size and urbanization in birds. Avian Research 6:8-14. 

Bird Book of the Year:
“Cuckoos of the World” by Johannes Erritzøe, Frederick P Brammer, Richard A Fuller and Clive F Mann pronounced Bird Book of the Year by Birdwatch

Møller; A. P. & J. Erritzøe. 2014:
Predator–prey interactions, flight initiation distance and brain size J. Evol. Biol. 27: 34-42.